As the name — “THE TUTORIAL HOUSE” — implies, most of the tutorial classes are held in the comforts of the Administrator’s/Head Tutor’s extremely humble home.

A very ordinary house where kids of all ages are passionately  instructed, coached, nurtured & guided extra-ordinarily to enable them to reach their fullest potentials in both academics and life.
other “well-established” tutorial centers everywhere, WE Boast nothing EXCEPT…
   excellent performance
high-quality standard of teaching.

There are
NO false gimmicks...

NO empty promises...

NO fabulous tools...

NO “high-tech” gadgets and...

 PRECISELY NOexpensive decors around
that usually lure clients.

-- Just PURE, SIMPLE & MODEST LEARNING ENVIRONMENT where kids are further ENCOURAGED, TAUGHT and TRAINED to FULLY UNDERSTAND their respective school’s lectures and HELP THEM EXCEL IN CLASS.


BuT, don't JUST take our word for it

Register your kids now for a one-month tutorial session and let your children personally experience what we are talking about!

It’s DEFINITELY a great value for your “hard-earned money!”
Do you want to hire a very competent tutor for your kids this school year but is afraid that you couldn’t     afford the monthly fee?
Do you want your kids to avail a tutor’s service without going far from your home and is easily accessible ?

Do you want a tutorial method that effectively helps your kids to be able to reach their potentials in academics that is really fit to your kids’ learning needs?


Well…Worry no more!!!

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