Ø It specifically applies individualized method of teaching to each learner on any of its Tutorial Programs.

>>> NO TWO KIDS ARE ALIKE. Thus,The Tutorial House created an individualized tutorial system that applies an effective method to help each learner develop the skills needed to utilize his/her potentials up to the fullest.
>>> It will require the parents to show the kid’s latest grades for assessment on what steps to take in the sessions.
>>> The Tutorial House will be performing some diagnostic test to the learner for assessment during their first day of session. It will be in a form of work sheets or oral Q&A activity. The Tutorial House will then fit the method of teaching according to the learner’s ability based on its result.
Ø  At The Tutorial House, the parents will be kept updated weekly on their kid’s performance during the sessions.

>>> The Tutorial House believes that the key to the child’s academic improvement is the presence of the three “SUPPORT FACTORS” surrounding him: 1. The Parents, 2. the teachers, and 3. the tutor.
    Together, the improvement of child’s academic performance will be guaranteed.
    Therefore, it will issue a weekly report sheet to the parents to update them on the kid’s performance during the sessions. There will be a specific comment on the child’s performance, on the lessons he/she took in school, and other vital information per day. This will guide the parents on what to do or what to say on their child to help him/her succeed in class.
Ø  The tutor has a motherly touch to each student.
>>> Most tutors were hand-picked because they are specifically---mothers. The company believes that the more experienced a tutor in mothering the more she is adept in handling any situation with children.
    They know what to do on any situation and know how to handle any type of learners due to their first-hand experience of being a mother.
    As a mother, herself, the administrator and head tutor---who handles most of the classes --- knows how to make each session very educational as well as very comfortable with the learner. The method of teaching will vary from day to day. This will be based on several factors like: readiness, interest, energy level, and capacity of the child on that day. She knows when to take a break or when to double up her lectures.
>>> Through her years of experience in tutoring/teaching different types of kids and having kids of her own, she knows how to approach different types of kids no matter how difficult they are.
>>> If necessary and if they still have enough time, the tutor will also extend her help in assisting her learners to make and finish their school projects. 

Ø  AS PART OF THE PROGRAM, The tutor will TAKE a visit to the learner’s school to talk with the teachers about the kid’s performance and progress from time to time.

This will ensure the parents that their kids are guided well. This is an opportunity for the tutor to coordinate with the teachers on the lessons in school and will have an idea on how the learner is usually doing inside the class.  It will also help the tutor assess the next step she has to make—if she has to maintain the level of instruction or to level up if the performance of the learner didn’t improve at all.
Ø The Tutorial House will require the parents to drop by once a month at any time in the afternoon of a Friday to have a small chat with the tutor.

>>> It is a chance for the tutor and parents to discuss things about their kids and their lessons together because it is also during this time that the tutor will give the monthly report to the parents.

Ø The Tutorial House strictly follows the school’s textbooks and its curriculum.

>>> It only uses its own lesson modules if the learner was registered in a special class offered by The Tutorial House.